The Pranic Healers Association of Western Australia Incorporated, is a non profit association incorporated in Western Australia on 7 May 2000. It is governed by the Associations Incorporation Act 2015.


The objectives of the Association are:

1. To serve as a representative membership organization of Pranic Healers;

2. To serve as an official spokesperson for, and representative of the Pranic Healers;

3. To establish and maintain standards of education, ethics, and professional competency;

4. To establish in the public's mind an understanding, which will assure maximum recognition and acceptance of Pranic Healers;

5. To establish and maintain desirable relationship within the Pranic Healing profession, other professions, organizations, government agencies, groups, and with all reputable organizations of the Pranic Healing profession, its programme and practices;

6. To promote, assist and co-operate with the other Pranic Healing associations in implementing our mission and purpose;

7. To effect public policy and legislation in all matters pertaining to Pranic Healing;

8. To develop, participate in, conduct and support Pranic Healing research programmes consistent with Pranic Healing principles;

9. To maintain the science of Pranic Healing as a separate and distinct healing arts profession;

10. To do all things necessary, proper and not contrary to law in the interest of the Association and its members in carrying out the Association's mission and purposes;

11. To design and negotiate the availability of one or more liability insurance policies specifically to meet the needs of members;

12. To encourage and co-ordinate voluntary programmes and services within the community.