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Pranic Healing in Healthcare Facilities - Solaris Cancer Care

Solaris Cancer Care aims to improve the quality-of-life of cancer patients and their carers by providing the support to cope with the emotional and physical side effects of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

We offer free complementary therapies including Pranic Healing alongside standard cancer treatment of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. There is no need for a referral. This service is free to all cancer patients and their carers from anywhere in Western Australia.

The minimum requirement for Pranic Healing practitioners volunteering within the health facilities include:

  • Pranic Healing/Pranic Energy Healing Psychotherapy, Level 3
  • The practitioner is a member of the PHAWA or a similar association, and
  • The practitioner offers their services free of charge in both time and commitment.

Participating Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities:

  • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital - Solaris Cancer Care
  • Bunbury - Solaris Cancer Care South West, and
  • Cottesloe Solaris Cancer Care

Solaris Cancer Care is an independently funded not-for-profit organisation. We rely on generous donations from our community and do not receive any ongoing government funding. The demand for these services is continuously evolving and expanding. If you wish to support Solaris, please click the donation button below. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

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For information on accessing these services, please go to the web site: or email Patricia Williams