Global Events

GMCKS Ashram, India

The GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram maintain a schedule of courses throughout the year.

arhatic yoga ashram

Global Convention

The date of the next Global Pranic Healing Convention to be advised.

Pranic Healing Convention

Arhatic Yoga Retreats

Retreats with MCKS Acharyas are held in various countries throughout the year.

Live Streams

The Institute for Inner Studies , Global Pranic Healing , Master Co and other MCKS senior disciples offer live streamed meditations on the evenings of full moons and other auspicious dates in the pranic healing and arhatic yoga calendar. Please check relevant pranic healing web sites and Facebook groups for dates.

GMCKS Mahasamadhi

MCKS Mahasamadhi

19 March

GMCKS Mahasamadhi marks the special day when our beloved teacher, a Great Soul, left his physical body to experience Oneness with God and Oneness with all.

Aries Full Moon

MCKS Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon in Aries

First of the three most powerful full moons of the the year.


MCKS Easter Meditation

1st Sunday on or after the
Aries full moon

Commemorates the resurrection
of Lord Jesus

Pink Full Moon

MCKS Pink Full Moon Meditation

Super moon in Libra

When the moon appears larger & brighter than average because it is close to its perigee (closest point to the Earth)

Earth Day

MCKS Earth Day Meditation

22 April

An annual event celebrated around the world on 22nd April to demonstrate support for environmental protection.


MCKS Wesak Meditation

Full moon in Taurus

Commemorates the birth, enlightment and death of Gautama Buddha

World Invocation Day

MCKS World Invocation Day

Full moon in Gemini

The 3rd most important full moon of the year. Preceded by 7 days of the Festival of Goodwill. All spiritual paths join in the Great Invocation.

Guru Purnima

MCKS GURU Purnima Meditation

Full moon in Ashad

A time when seekers offer the Guru their gratitude and receive his blessings

Founder's Day

MCKS Founder's Day Meditation

15 August

GMCKS' Birthday Celebration



MCKS Diwali Meditation

15th day of Kartik

Honours Lord Rama and the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance"

Capricorn Full Moon

Full Moon in Capricorn

November's 2020 full moon will undergo a penumbral lunar eclipse, two days after reaching aphelion, when the moon is farthest from Earth

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