Committee of Management

Under the Association's constitution, the affairs of the Association are managed by an elected Committee of Management consisting of:
(a) a Chairperson;
(b) a Deputy Chairperson;
(c) a Secretary;
(d) a Treasurer; and
(e) at least one ordinary committee member.

A member may become a Committee member if the member:
(a) is elected to the Committee at a general meeting; or
(b) is appointed to the Committee by the Committee to fill a casual vacancy.

The number of ordinary committee members to hold office for the next year is determined by resolution at each annual general meeting.

In addition the Committee of Management appoints Sub Committees as required to perform specific tasks. If you would like to join one of the Sub Committees, please contact the chairperson.

Committee of Management

Kristy Hathaway - Chairperson
Patricia Williams - Deputy Chairperson
Lynne Warner - Secretary
Lyndell Jobson- Treasurer
Anne McKeller - Member
Margaret Papaelias- Member